Lighting can really bring your house to life. If you are going to add lighting you must decide early on because once you have paper on your walls you won't be able to change your mind!

Once you know what you are doing installing lighting isn't as hard as you may think. I put tapewire in my house when I was 11 and didn't install an actuall light untill 10 years later. So when done correctly your lights will last you for a long time!         

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I purchased this  lighting kit from Cir-Kit Concepts. It is the most comprehensive kit around and I definitely recommend it.  It is around $50 but is cheaper then if you bought all theses things individually. This kit can wire between 10 and 12 rooms.


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 There are 2 ways in wich you can light your dollhouse; tapewire or roundwire. These are instruction booklets listed to the left. If you buy a kit the book comes with it otherwise they are about $4. I used the tape wire method so I don't know much about round wire.


Share your tips and thoughts on lighting a dollhouse here!