As I mentioned earlier, my dollhouse was built for me as a Christmas gift from my grandparents. I do know that my house is From Real Good Toys and the particular style of the house is a Vermont Farmhouse Dollhouse Kit. Which is a 1/12" scale unfinished dollhouse kit.


This is the finished picture of the front of my house.

                                                                Dollhouse Kit, Unfinished, Victorian Farmhouse, Vermont Farmhouse

This is the back of the house in its unfinished state.

There are many kits like this out there but other people have been very successful at building thier own houses. This is one site I found very helpful for that kind of project.


Lets Build A Dollhouse


If you are building from a kit, as I did, there are a few things to think about first. I did not glue any of my interior walls for several reasons. One, it made it easier to wallpaper and accuralty measure the wallpaper when it came time. Second, it made it easier to wire the house for lighting. The only problem with not making your interior walls permenant is, when it is time to make them permenant, trying to fit them so they are perpendicular to the floors is not so easy. To make this easier I have sanded down the edges a little and used small nails to ensure the walls stay in place.

Share your tips or thoughts about starting a dollhouse here!