Welcome to my miniature obsession!

Here you will find my thoughts and tips on how to decorate your very own miniature dollhouse. I first started my dollhouse when I was 11. I recieved my dollhouse as a Christmas gift built for me by my granddad.  Being an expensive habbit for a kid I didn't do much work on it. After my granddad passed away a few years ago I decided I needed to finsih what he had given me. Just starting this decorating procces I had lots of questions on everything! I would like to share with you what I have been learning and I maybe you can share some of your tips with me!

Because I am a numbers person, and excel is cool, I decided to keep a cost tracking sheet. In the end I wanted to know how much I have spent on my masterpiece!

My house is still a work in progress so here is a sample of mine. To use this as a templete for yourself simply click on the link below> clik Save> enter a name > and click Save.   

Dollhouse Cost Tracking Sheet

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I have left a spot on each page for comments. This is where you may add comments of your own and offer insight to things I may of left out